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STAINFREE Finishers have established their own in-house polishing standards.

Rank Taylor Hobson Du0 2
These standards are obtained by using silicone carbide abrasives and are measured by Rank Taylor Hobson Du0 2 (calibrated by an outside authority to the international standard).

A copy of these standards is available from out Halifax office.

Surface finish characteristics are not a mere question of appearance. In terms of strict definition the concept "surface finish" can be said to describe the deviation from the ideal flat surface.

This deviation is normally expressed in terms of roughness, lay and undualation.


Company Profile

We service the whole of the metal-working industry:

• Shop fittings
• Architectural
• Office furniture

• Food/Dairy
• Pharmaceuticals
• Hospital etc.

• Chemical engineering
• Petro-chemical
• Paper making

Metals polished:
• Stainless Steels
• Aluminium
• Brass
• Copper
• Exotic
• In fact, all metals

Types of finish:
• Rough Ground
• Linished
• Satin
• Brushed
• Bright
• Mirror

Types of item polished:
• Pressed parts
• Machined parts and assemblies
• Castings
• Fabrications

Stock Materials:
• Tubes
• Flats
• Hollow sections
• Angles

We cover the whole of the Metalworking Industry for example:
• Pharmaceutical
• Water Treatment
• Paper Making Machines
• Food Making Machines
• Architectural Features
• Machine Parts
• Handrailing
• Furniture
• Aircraft
• Hopfittings
• Automotive
• Decorative

On-Site Service
• Nationwide
• All hours

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